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Held in November, the primary purpose of this months to promote mens health awareness for colon cancer along with other diseases. this is the month in which people gather together to grow and compare mustaches. Participants begin the month clean shaven and cultivate their mustaches throughout the month. The month climaxes with participants comparing and appreciating each others mustaches in a manly, non gay way.

Quiksilver Inc Holds a contest promoting this mens health awareness month.
I'm totally growing handlebars for this movembers prize to the playboy mansion!
#movember #moustache #mustache #handlebars #mens health
by sgrenzow November 01, 2009
A state of hypnosis a man gets into when staring at a womens ass.(especially a very attractive womans)
Man that hot model has me assametized!
#ass #booty #butt #hypnotize #hypnotized
by sgrenzow September 01, 2009
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