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2 definitions by RavenLuni

The winter holidays, combining winter SOLSTice, hANUKKAH, and christMAS. Use to cover yourself when you aren't sure which holiday the person you're addressing prefers to celebrate.
PERSON A: "Merry Christmas!"
PERSON B: "Happy Hanukkah to you!"
PERSON C: "I'm a Pagan. Merrie Solstice!"
YOU (with big peacemaking smile): "Merry Solstanukkahmas to all!"
by RavenLuni November 10, 2009
When: 1) you move house during the month of November; or 2) your friends are moving, and they try to rope you into helping. Movember is especially painful if you own a truck.
"No, sorry, you can't borrow my truck next weekend. It's booked solid for the entire month of Movember."

"No, I can't go to the concert. I have no life till Movember is over."
by RavenLuni November 10, 2009