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A person, generally female, who you would love perfrom motorboat on. She possesses cleavage that is astounding, and absolutely breathtaking to the human eye.
Damn, Kelli brought her boobs out for work today. She's looking quite motorboatable.
by Taquan April 27, 2008
1. able to be motorboated. 2. the appearance of a womans breasts of being highly worthy of the act of motorboating, which is to dive in and indulge in a womans breasts with furous glee all the while making noises similar to that of a motorboat. also see motorboat (v.) and motorboating(v.)
Salma Hayaks Tits are so fuckin motorboatable.......


those 4D tits are motorboatable as hell
by wterasta March 10, 2010
ta-tas that are able to be motorboated
Yo dude! Look at those ta-tas! They are so motorboatable!
by michellebigboobs December 07, 2010
Refers to a lady with ample breasts, or ample everything, whose physique built to perform a motorboat would be an easy task. The motorboating may be done anywhere on the corpus where one can press the face in between any skinfolds, 'as long as the cheeks are warmed'.
Before Oprah Winfrey lost all that weight she was extremely motorboatable. Now she still retains some motorboatability, but only of the more conventional variety.
by Captain Stubing July 14, 2009
A girl who has their funbags exposed to the world, so one may be able to "motorboat" her chesticles.
Did you see how open her shirt was? She's motorboatable!
by iklepti April 25, 2008
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