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Pronounced mo-she-o, the word "motio" is a combination of the spelling of the word, "motion", and the sound of the word, "video".

A Motio is a video blog (vlog) post that you record of yourself while you are (already) in motion, doing something that you would have been doing anyway (like driving, ironing a shirt, or eating), therefore not taking any time away from your hectic life just to record a vlog.

There are only 2 criteria needed to qualify a vlog as a Motio:

1 - It was recorded while doing something that you would have still done anyway had you not been recording a vlog post.

2 - You did no editing of the video, before uploading, with the rare exception of trimming a little off the beginning and ending of the video.

The suggested duration of a Motio is between 30 seconds and 5 minutes, but can be any length.
I increased my productivity today by recording a Motio about corporate bailouts this morning while I was ironing my pants, and then another on my way to work about a crazy experience I had with the new mascot at McDonalds.
by spikeb May 21, 2014

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