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The act of multiple men |docking| their penises within one man's extremely stretchable and versatile foreskin, who is thereby the mothership.
Bill had been docking for some years now, so he began mothershipping professionally to earn a living.
by TheDockMaster August 22, 2012
The musical moment when a band transcends each member's top individual ability and breaks into a new level of playing. This can only be achieved when all members are deep in the groove and pushing each other. The result is usually described as "crunchy" or "heady" jams. It can also be used as "mothership" to describe the place the music went to.
Mannn Rob was wailing on that slap bass and Al followed him right up to the "mothership" with that jam

Trey was totally "mothershipping" on that hood jam, with Gordon dropping bombs right below him!

Jerry was "mothershipping" all over the place on Egypt '78
by Rphish August 15, 2010
Helicopter parenting of an adult child.
His mothershipping parents came into his dorm and changed his sheets while he was in class.
by Rationalist July 23, 2015

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