George house has a mote
(Shaven haven around genitals)
Q. george did u shave last night?
A. yes now i have a mote.
by tom April 04, 2004
means goodnight.

This word came to be by accident, but caught on. Here is the IRC log that explains it

<bakunyu> Well I'm off to bed. Mote everyone!
<SnT> mote?
<bakunyu> Err... nite everyone
<SnT> mote bak :P
- Well I'm off to bed!
- Mote man, sweet dreams!
by Bakunyu October 03, 2004
1. girl who hated me for dating adam smith

2. girl who loves screwing guys wearing yellow windpants.

3. isolation
1. What a Mote! why does she hate me??

2. girl #1: "check out those yellow pants"
girl #2: "ya i know, HOTT"
girl #1: "You're such a mote!"

3. lets go check out that reMOTE island
by robo February 21, 2004

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