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A term coined by Tobuscus (See Tobuscus), a famous Youtuber, most popularly known for his literal trailers and facebook commercials.

One of his many Youtube accounts, TobyGames, features his commentary on whatever game he is playing at the time.

Term is usually used when taunting an ememy. Usually when being an idiot. It can be translated as another word for 'Mother Fucker'.
Toby: -opens door, where there is potentially a demon- WHAT'S UP, MOSUCKRA?
Demon: -angrily chases after him, eventually killing him-

Toby: -finishes a goal in game- THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' 'BOUT, MOSUCKRA!
Demon: -growls angrily-
Toby: -hides in a dark corner-
by Minho's House Whore February 02, 2011
A scary or badass looking woman, mostly older women/ older looking women. Can also be included as a gross looking woman.
Greg : Dude, me and Bill saw this scary ass Mo Suckra at the mall yesterday. she looked like she was going to kill someone.
Bill : Oh Yeah, I remember her
James : I wish I was there.
by DerMeister777 December 31, 2011
"Mosuckra" (Ebonics/English): The pathological labeling of a comically inferior person in one or more areas. Commonly associated with the African-American slang of the word "Motherf***er", "Mofo"; carrying an alternate, less abrasive meaning as in the word "Mothersucker". Not a universally recognized word, "Mosuckra" has since been assumed the spiritual "Mofo" to "Mothersucker".

Originally used by Youtube comedian and celebrity Toby "Tobuscus" Turner.
A: Yo what up? I saw you miss that tower with all yo water bombs today

B: Dude I totally don't suck at aiming.

A: Mosuckra!
by Cydver February 10, 2011
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