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Moshing (Mosh pits) can be expressed in many different ways at concerts, gigs, clubs, etc..

The first mosh was pushing each other with the palm of your hands inside a circle of people but now days has transformed into people punching, kicking, and even flipping themselves into others. No matter how violent the mosh may look, people who fall down are normally pulled straight back up by others in the pit. Also gives you an amazing rush.
A: It all went so fast, I only remember hitting a guy in the back of his head in the mosh last night.
by Alex Forwards December 28, 2005
52 39
Ok moshing isnt all about being cool, it really cant be defined but i will tell you moshing is not i repeat IS NOT about jumping around kicking and throwing your arms around "picking up change" and spinning around... no thats scene core or hard core dancing usually done at a screamo *NOT EMO* (because emo isnt this new tight jeans tight bright colored shirt and side bangs nooo, that is not emo)mcr fob fftl underoath *just to name a few*and no im not hating on the bands* concerts, moshing is being real loving the music and letting all your emotion out. The best and most true mosh pits are done when everyones just raming into each other... cuz to be compleatly honest standing on one foot kicking your other leg and swinging your arms will get you kicked down in a real mosh pit...
I was at a show the other weekend where joey belladonna from anthrax covered a whole anthrax cd, well IT WAS FUCKING AWSOME the mosh pits were hard core when they played mad house!!! but the band who played before them was a serious discrace to the metal scene... it was just a screamo band where the lead singer and most of the other members were either reallly short or really tall and no matter what weighed under 110 pounds all had side bangs and wore tight jeans and tight shirts it was depressing how manny of the scene core followers got up and hard core danced to the music, i got kicked in the back of the fricken head... but trust me when anthrax came on and they tried to get in they were killed... specially when damcyan comes around and they try to "mosh"
by Evansi May 06, 2008
34 23
A style of violent dancing that was first done in The American Hardcore Punk scene. The word itself originated from the Bad Brains song I Against I. The lyrics were "Mash it up..." but because they were Rastafarian it sounded like mosh. it was often spelled Mash but pronounced Mosh until later on.
watch Minor Threat, Black Flag and Bad Brains for some early moshing vids
What is it? Cought in a mosh!!
by Punk Philosophy January 14, 2008
26 16
1. Any manner of arbitrary shoving, most often related to loud music but not dependent upon it, that is most effective in areas of high congestion, in which one shove causes a chain reaction of pushing this way and that, inevitably resulting in one or more persons falling over and/or being trampled upon.

2. many times referred to in the context of "the pit", which consists of anything from people running around in a circle much like chickens who have been tragically beheaded to a rampant form of dancing.
1. Whenever it gets excessively crowded, I like to mosh just to piss everyone off.

2. Man, the pits are great tonight.
by Marlo April 01, 2003
100 96
Adj: To describe an emotional, or triumphant occurance in ones life.

Noun: Someone who exhibits being a great man/woman, or a J-crew member (ie: J-parks, T-lockwood, Drew Halpern)

Verb:Using car markers to write obscenitites, and draw obscene pictures on cars of a friend, and or a d-bag
Adj: When Drew Halpern called out Joe mont.. that was sooo MOSH!

-The snake around your neck is soooo moshhh!!.

Noun: J-parks here.. just wanted to say I'm mosh.

Verb: Yo, we Moshed up his car so badddd.
by Moshman12 August 20, 2010
15 12
a term first coined by Vinnie Stigma to define the aggressive form of dancing first encountered on the NYHC (New York Hardcore) scene in the early 80's, which is still prevalent amongst the hXc scene today and has shit all to do with the majority of two-day faker hair-do scum-fucks out there claiming to either do, play or advocate it right now
"that emo scum fuck didn't know what hit him when he got caught in that Madball mosh pit dude"
by xdavidx April 03, 2010
6 3
The Ebonics/Jamaican way to exaggerate and say messed up or broken.
Yo life is so mosh right now its not even funny

Tyler: yo did u hear about Amy and Drew, I heard there relationship is MOSH!!!

Sarah: Say word
by >N@T3< March 06, 2010
12 9