A rocker dance! Shove, push, bang, jump, fall, and pick yourself up! This is usually done on a large area in front of the stage called the pit/moshpit.
An awesome way to express yourself at a metal/hardrock/punk gig/concert/show. You don't really see this happening in concerts for Good Charlotte, Fall Out Boy, etc, but more towards Avenged Sevenfold, Napalm Death, etc. You get the drift. People mistake moshing as jumping/pogoing, but that is not the case. You can get your ass kicked in moshing, but the hell with that, danger is part of the fun! You got people all around you to bounce back on your feet from. THATS moshing; letting the music control your body as the audience move like energetic molecules of a gas, bouncing off each other.
"Damn, we moshed so hard to the concert extra crew members had to stand out to hold the barriers in place!"
by spungey October 29, 2007
Money over snake hoes
fuck M.O.B. what it really is M.O.S.H.
by carlvskansas June 29, 2011
The Ebonics/Jamaican way to exaggerate and say messed up or broken.
Yo life is so mosh right now its not even funny

Tyler: yo did u hear about Amy and Drew, I heard there relationship is MOSH!!!

Sarah: Say word
by >N@T3< March 06, 2010
1.) Moshing is done in the "mosh pit" and consists of headbanging, body slamming, crowdsurfing, etc. This happens at rock concerts only. It tends to be dangerous but fun.

2.) Some people believe that jumping at a rock concert is considered moshing.
Everyone at the concert started to mosh.
by RockOn! September 03, 2005
This is is the closest one here. it comes from hardcore in the early 80's. the word it self was first coined from Vinnie Stigma, March Of Skin Heads. FSU them selfs started it. NYC had the bands that started haveing breakdowns which people moshed to. it has nothing to do with shoveing people around like the metal kids think.
last night at the show i moshed into some scene kids and cracked their faces.
by Rob February 17, 2005
Ploughman stole it
somebody stole mosh's tampon
by asdafaads April 17, 2013
An AWESOME group in Billerica MA, That do CRAZY stuff!! like kick each other in the face. or jump out a van going 50. M.O.S.H. stands for MonkeysOnSeaHorses.
I wish I could be in M.O.S.H.
by JessieJackson March 02, 2009

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