to move from one place to another.
'come on let's mosey to our next class'
by karcanken September 01, 2004
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-When wishing to get from one place to another, but not particularly too fast, one will "mosey"
-Generally understood as a slow walk or determined slow pace as set by the leader of the group. (Moseying can be done alone, but is much cooler in a group)
-a bit of shuffling and a bit of walking, all of course in a general direction, sometimes without purpose, and with a purposeful speed.
-an expression of needing to leave.
- "Mosey on over there"
- "let's Mosey"
- "well sorry but I've gotta mosey"
by danf November 26, 2004
- a type of slow forward movement of the legs that has some sort of component of swag to it, whether it be the sway in the hips or a certain kick in the leg it must have some sort of swag element
when i saw this group of older kids mosey over to the cafeteria, i got up and followed them
by Free My Willy November 22, 2011
In 1960's South Omaha drinking Mosey was an obscure drink of choice.
It consisted of a mixture of beer, wine, whiskey, vodka and any other alcohol available.
To complete the mixture, it was required to add a bottle of your favorite cologne or aftershave. e.g. Hai Karate, English Leather, Old Spice, Brut or Aqua Velva.
This was done to extend the quantity of alcohol that was hard to come by.
Lets make up some Mosey and get wasted.

"Warning" Drinking Mosey could be dangerous to your health - I lived, but I am an idiot.
by Barney Bad Ass February 26, 2011
It's a culture thing - the antipode of a brother doing the funky broadway, if you come from Texas or Tennessee, you pick up your sour mash and sidle up to that cute chick showing lots of belly, not to scare her off. It is *not* a sashay!!!! Mosey was coined after Mose Allison, jazz pianist
Hey darlin', how about you an' me mosey over to the Motel 6 with us an' the boys, got some Chet Baker
by Slick Willy December 16, 2004
Created one day when my friend and I were at the mall. Started as an inside joke and went on to become a word that we use all the time to replace words like "awesome" "cool" "sweet" "tight" and "hardcore". If you add the prefix un to mosey, making it "unmosey" then it means exactly opposite of "awesome" "cool" "sweet" "tight" and "hardcore".
DUDE! That kickflip was sooooo mosey!


DUDE! That wipeout was soooo unmosey!
by Courtney June 09, 2004
To shit on a girls pussy, fuck her, get a blow job from her and watch her swallow.
Yo, that girl is fuckin' hot, I wish I could Mosey her.
by Deep Sea November 06, 2006

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