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3 definitions by danf

-When wishing to get from one place to another, but not particularly too fast, one will "mosey"
-Generally understood as a slow walk or determined slow pace as set by the leader of the group. (Moseying can be done alone, but is much cooler in a group)
-a bit of shuffling and a bit of walking, all of course in a general direction, sometimes without purpose, and with a purposeful speed.
-an expression of needing to leave.
- "Mosey on over there"
- "let's Mosey"
- "well sorry but I've gotta mosey"
by danf November 26, 2004
188 28
A goofy black man.
That fool is a clown ass nigga.
by DanF July 14, 2003
80 16
when the out come is very doubtful
and or
the thing desribed is extremely boring
yeah tomorrow's weather looks bleak
Curse bleak family reunions
by danf November 26, 2004
45 40