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the last name for the coolest italian kids ever
DUDE, those kids are morettis. They must be soooooooo chill
by italian 101 May 22, 2010
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Latin: Flippernicus Moretticus Moronicus Maximus.
Supreme Comanders of the Condor Legion, Morettis have a plethora of skills such as douche-baggery, thumb-guided penile-anal insertion, and logical ineptness that can only be described as malevolently divine. Age, wisdom, and character are rated by a rigid, bottle-nosed snout and beady eyes. Often seen at dolphin poaching protests, Morettis are well-known for their renlentless appetite for spoonfuls of semen while watching the 1996 remake of "Flipper" starring Paul Newman and Elijah Wood.
"That guy is such a douchebag."
"I know, right? He must be a Moretti."
by SinStar4 February 11, 2012
when you hand up your homework before its due, only to find out later that you made a mistake and are unable to change it
sack: "dood everyone is saying question 7 is actually a trick question. you should change your answer."

moretti: "fuck i already handed it up"

sack: "thats what you get for doing a moretti"
by totalgoochbag November 12, 2011
Someone no one likes.
Katherine: "James, You're SUCH A Moretti."
by MagicFairyCup. November 27, 2008

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