What comes into your head when you think of fuckin a 350lb fat bitch.
"Man that bitch is fat."
"Hey more cushion for the pushin!"
by JakeSAUCE September 18, 2006
Top Definition
1. Means to have sex with a not-so-thin girl (not necessarily "fat").

2. Also refers to how it feels "softer" when engaged in anal or traditional sex.
A little extra weight doesn't bother me on a girl. More cushion for the pushin' I think!
by Why yes, I think I do. March 24, 2007
Refers to the wonderfully smooth and buoyant feeling that a male experiences when he is having sexual intercourse with a larger woman. ("Larger" refers to body shape: full-figured, curvy, chubby, or fat. In general, it does not refer to height, although women with "extra junks in their trunks" can often be as tall as, or taller than, the males trying to bone them. These women often have heavy full breasts, squishy tummies, generous buttocks, and thick thighs, all of which provide padding for the male's frenzied thrusts.)
"That broad that Jim is talking to over at the bar is at least three times his weight. Each of her mammary glands weighs more than both his legs. What's his deal?"

"His wife's pelvis bone keeps giving him rope burn when they shag. So he's out to find more cushion for the pushin'."
by hipster_of_the_month November 30, 2012
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