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A mixture of stoned and drunk.
Damn Girl! That chick was so mopped from last night's party.
by Komradeelmo423 August 14, 2010
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getting the fuck beat out of you; usually by a being of african american descent, nonetheless it could be a caucasian doing the mopping....used to describe the beating of an individual. sometimes people jeer comments during a mopping with trifling remarks such as, "mop, mop, mop, miggity mop, mopmopmopmopmop, miggity mop.)
Damn, dee dee nigga, wacked ass nigga got mopped. D'antwon, you c dhat nigga get dha mop.... daaaaamnn nigga got straight mopped.
by mopmanjones2 December 13, 2010
When someone gets punched in the face and gets laid out (K.O).
Yo did you see alex yesterday??.. This Nigga Got Mopped..
by datkiddaj February 20, 2009
To threaten or perform the act of mopping an individual by pouring pine sol, bleach, soap and water on them then beating their ass with a mop or other blunt object.
"If you don't get out of my face you are gunna get mopped!"
by J.1 May 11, 2010
adj. tired

To describe when someone "looks" visibly tired.
"You look pretty mopped today. Are you alright?"
by Vijay Patz September 22, 2006
retarded, stupid, lame, a moron. Your head serves no other purpose than to be used as a mop.
Wow, You don't like David Lee Roth, You are mopped.
by Hamster May 23, 2004

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