a person who is not "hip" with the times-this person is usually also considered to be slow as well as a chode
That mope stole my garden rake!
by Jizake August 20, 2003
to kill or be killed
guy: i totally got moped in call of duty 4
by i like it in the bum December 16, 2008
Mildly Obese People Enraged:
A political group that was formed for and by the common fat man.

Or a rap group of fat people with names like
fatty cent, noticibly F A T, lil egg roll, fity burgers
"Hey can i join MOPE?"
"Nah, eat a couple of sticks of butter then talk to me."
by Xavier O'Connor October 14, 2007
pancakes, made of pancake batter
can you please pass the mope? asked nicolette
by madalive8 August 11, 2005

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