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A wedgie up the dudes dick.
Its caused by wearing dude skinny jeans or tight items in the dick area.
"Look at the camel toe ohh wait thats a moose knuckle."
by woahcamels13 February 26, 2010
15 76
the male version of a camel toe
When a male is wearing clothing or underwear so tight to his genital area, the testicles and/or penis are pushed into the shape resembling a moose knuckle.
by Mscameltoe February 07, 2010
31 92
The male version of camel toe.
When your balls show through your tight clothing
Me: Aw man check out that douchebag's skinny jeans.
Chad: Yeah I can totally see his balls.
Me: Gross... Moose Knuckle...
by TMiller November 03, 2009
116 178
the obese version of a camel toe. usallly refered to large woman wearing garments that don't fit properly in the crotch area. or also refered to as a front butt wedgie.
GUy 1: that girl over there looks so damn hungry!
Guy 2: howdo you know that?

Guy 1: cuz shes eating from both lips! Moose knuckle
by flabber-blabber July 19, 2011
14 77
Moose Knuckle is the same as Camel Toe except it's deeper and more pronounced
Does she have Camel Toe? No, Moose Knuckle. See how deeper it is and everything is more pronounced
by Blue Shark October 14, 2010
23 86
an obscenly large outline of the vagina (similar to a camel toe except 10x bigger) often found on obscenly overweight individuals. Also, can be found on overweight athletes who participate in the sports of softball, volleyball, basketball or anyother dyke-esk sports.
"Dang! that 1st baseman is HUGE! Look at her camel toe!"

"Nahhh! that isn't a camel toe, that's a moose knuckle!"
by Madvik November 30, 2009
29 92
because the camel toe has an ugly sister.
"girrrrrrl, did you hear about latrisse?! she got one FAT ASS moose knuckle, foe real doe!" - shatawnya
by lolstopp July 27, 2009
51 114