camel toe on a fat women
bro u see the mooseknuckle on dat bitch
by Tatanga February 14, 2008
An extremely large Cameltoe.
"Check out that chick's Mooseknuckle!"
by Duvetdancer May 09, 2006
The Canadian version of the camel toe. it is the result of wearing your underwear or pants too tight
dude, that chicks got a mooseknuckle
by Stansfield October 24, 2003
another word for "camel toe" when the vagina can clearly be seen through a tightly fitting material. A frontal Wedgee if you will...
man there are so many cases of mooseknuckle at this here karaoke contest...
by billyfinch December 13, 2002
The male version of camel toe.
I saw the moose knuckle in his shorts!
by jwrites1 November 05, 2010
Male version of a camel toe.
The man camel toe occurs when a guy wears pants that are too tight around the crotch. The pants are also called nut huggers.
mooseknuckle moose knuckle
by Ty55 August 12, 2011
To throw a very low knuckleball to fool batters.
The Mooseknuckle often drops onto the plate.
by Lutzie October 07, 2009

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