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The male version of camel toe.
I saw the moose knuckle in his shorts!
by jwrites1 November 05, 2010
51 91
To throw a very low knuckleball to fool batters.
The Mooseknuckle often drops onto the plate.
by Lutzie October 07, 2009
1 41
Male version of a camel toe.
The man camel toe occurs when a guy wears pants that are too tight around the crotch. The pants are also called nut huggers.
mooseknuckle moose knuckle
by Ty55 August 12, 2011
87 134
Camel-toe's fatter, uglier, sister.
Guy 1: See that chick's camel-toe?

Guy 2: Camel-toe? Dude she was so fat she had a Moose-Knuckle!
by mattman_v1 September 08, 2010
611 659
the male version of the more common camel toe. (see camel toe)
Did you see how tight his jeans were? Man...you could see his nasty ass moose knuckle.
by mafarja February 04, 2010
94 144
A moose knuckle is equivalent to a camel toe on a woman, only on a man. It is when a mans testicles are pulled up tight and/or high and separated by the seam in their pants causing the appearance similar to a moose knuckle. Called thus because larger than sister equivalent the camel toe
For the love of god man get something to control that moose knuckle you got on you!
by Ansoberry November 04, 2010
35 92
The Man Version of a Camel Toe.
Friend 1: "Dude! You can see Mike's package!"
Friend 2: "Those are some super tight pants..."
Friend 3: " Thats one ugly moose knuckle"
by AlmostAmanda July 10, 2009
58 117