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(noun) Not necessarily someone who enjoys Michael Moore's work, as many people do, but rather a person who accepts and agrees with Moore's opinions without question. There is notable irony in that they often accuse others of being "brainwashed" by the government.
My friend, who cannot even bring himself to lookat various articles debunking some of Moore's claims.
by bigfatnobody July 25, 2004
The same as a Moron.

Someone who does not take all of Michael Moore's books and films with a grain of salt.
CLA Student: "OMFG! They showed Michael Moore's new movie this week in the campus theater. I was once a republican, but after that I think that I am a democrat."
Me: "You are a Moore-on"
by Snappy November 28, 2004
Combination of "moron" and "Michael Moore", Hollywood activist.

Applied to political followers of Michael Moore.
"Uh oh. Here comes another protest group of communist 'Mooreons."
by Peter April 22, 2004
A fan or follower of professional wrestler, Shannon Moore.
Crash Holly was the original Moore-on.
by Bama_Leigh September 04, 2007
(1) Someone who believes Moore's word is the gospel truth
(2) Someone who thinks Moore is a respectable person
(3) Someone who is too lazy to do research
(4) A Fabricationist
(5) Someone who gains favor with Hezbollah
(6) Liberals who confuse documentaries with fraudumentaries
(7) Someone that doesn't know their butt from a hole in the ground
I believe all propaganda because I'm a true Mooreon.
by the waffletoday September 13, 2004
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