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(Also called voodoo or reverse robin hood economics)
Trickle down economics in todays economic climate is like offering someone with lung cancer a pack of smokes.

Fair enough rich people should support it, hell if i was rich so would i! But why the hell do the poorest people in society support it? It's like when someone in the street who's mugging you at gunpoint realises he has no bullets; what do you do?
1) kick the crap out of him and call the police. (or)
2)offer him some bullets you have in your pocket.
crazy isn't it?
Why do poor people support giving their money to the rich?
by george miller January 25, 2005
The cure for right wing american christians.
I f'cked fred phelps on the sodomobile yesterday!
by george miller January 25, 2005
A large enzyme found on the inner mitachondrial membrane and the thylakoid membrane of chloroplasts. has a rotating central stalk powered by chemiosmosis of protons. The rotation causes conformational changes of the enzyme moving the alpha and beta subunits relative to one another synthesising atp from adp and inorganic phosphate.
atp synthase is arguably gods most elegent creation.
by george miller January 22, 2005
(trademarked by godcorp) Security protocols which were implemented by the deity to prevent reverse enginerring by man.

Such examples include introns in eukaryotic genes (see also "intron") most notably those in the human genome, and the laws of quantum mechanics (which really pissed einstein off!).
theres a godlock code on that gene
by george miller January 22, 2005
a tetrapyrrole similar to heme but with a reduced ring and a long phytol chain esterified on to a carboxylic acid side chain. Falls into the class of organic chemicals called polyenes, which have alternating networks of single and double bonds.
that's chlorophyll a in the chloroplast
by george miller January 22, 2005
A length of bases in a nucleic acid sequence inside of a gene which are not used in encoding the amino acid sequence in the protein. Either a result of that fact that eukaryotic cells haven't evolved the speedy reproduction methods of prokaryotic cells, or a security protocal which god designed to prevent humans from determining the genetic code and the human genome, kind of like a genetic region code
there's three introns and four exons on that gene
by george miller January 22, 2005
A moron.

a friend at college calls me this when i act like an idiot. I can't find a definition anywhere and he wont tell me what it means. I'm convinced he's made it up.
will you shut up, you nebard
by george miller January 22, 2005
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