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from "Seinfeld", the "Moops" were the nation that conquered Spain & gave it the twinge of Islamic architecture seen to this day, according to the card George was reading from when playing Trivial Pursuit against the "Bubble Boy". Bubble Boy insisted, quite rightly, of course, that the answer was "Moors", but George being the prick that he was, wouldn't give him credit for the answer. The townspeople later drove out the fiendish George & Jerry for their mistreatment of the Bubble Boy.
Bubble Boy: It was the Moors! The MOORS!

George: No, I'm sorry, it was the Moops. The card clearly says, "Moops".
by FunkyBumpkin May 02, 2005
An ambiguous expression used for virtually every situation.
Moop: its a way of life
by RabbitPoop January 31, 2011
MOOP n. trash; foreign items found where they do not belong. Acronym. English. matter out of place This term is associated with the Burning Man festival.
We want to hand out plastic mugs w/ our camp location on them as an invitation for people to come back to drink tea w/ us and hang out. Much better than flyers which are likely to end up as MOOP...
by Earl Buttle March 31, 2005
A really really fun word to say.
D: Hey Bob!
B: What?
D: MOOP!!!
by Daniela K. October 14, 2006
A person who is beyond stupid or a complete idiot.
Also refered to a loser or jerk/dick
That guy is a total moop, he can't even spell his name right.

What a moop! How can you not understand that answer.

Hey moop give me back my stuff.

Stop cheating you moop.
by The biggest moop in the room March 22, 2010
When you moon someone and poop at the same time.
Dude I just got Mooped by some kid in that school bus :/

Lets go Mooping tonight!

Im gonna moop that old man.
by Salad21 April 27, 2011
The area of the body located between the testicular sack and the entry hole of the anus. Characterized by smooth, soft skin and supple features that are totally awesome.
He just got kicked in the moop!

My moop is sore!
by poopsquirt January 08, 2011
The noise a turtle makes.
Moop is used as a replacement for "awkward turtle" or when a person just feels the need to say "moop".
Hey, how are you today?
Great thanks you?
I'm fine.

by Stefan the Rippah December 04, 2011