Ibis, a moon chicken is an ibis....
"look at the moon chicken, its eating our rubbish...oi grab a net if we catch it and take it to the council we got $30!"
by Duks one July 29, 2006
Top Definition
Endearing, affectionate nickname for a loved one.
And he finally said to me, "I love you, moonchicken!"
by PAS592 August 13, 2008
Endearing name for a significant other.
"I love you, Moonchicken!"
by 295POS July 31, 2008
1. mythical creature who's very name strikes fear into the hearts of any who oppose it.

2. A popular pet usually kept by moon-farmers

3. A way for a band director to reverse-psychologize their students into child labor without them knowing.
1. TV REPORTER: "Moonchicken terrorized locals when he destroyed a local orphanage with his massive talons!"

2. MOON-FARMER: "That right ther' is a darn good-lookin' moonchicken! Won me the blue ribbon at the county moon fair!"

3. self explanatory.
by davmalyssa June 16, 2011
A seriously ugly woman, who should only be allowed out at night time!
Dude, i fucked some girl last night - Total Moonchicken!! I had to put a bag over her head so i could cum!
by Vic & Char November 26, 2006
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