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The act of stealing a sip of somebody's drink (usually when they are not looking). Usually employed by those who are unemployed.

There are many levels of moon dogging, and beginners should be careful when practicing the more advanced techniques.

Level 1 - The Basic Moon Dog: Stealing a sip of a drink from somebody while in plain sight.

Level 2 - The Proper Moon Dog: Stealing a sip of a drink from somebody while their back is turned or while they are distracted. Beginners usually perform this in teams of two.

Level 3 - The Full Moon Dog: Stealing somebody's entire drink while they aren't looking. The moon-dogger usually moves to the other end of the bar at this point to finish the drink out of the mark's view.

Level 4 - The Moon Coon: Stealing somebody's entire drink and passing it on to somebody else. The recipient of the drink doesn't necessarily have to know that he or she is drinking a stolen beverage. Hilarity usually ensues.
"Holy shit! Where's my drink?"
"Dude, I think somebody's moon-dogging around here."
by OG Moon-Dogger March 21, 2009
While driving, the act of turning into the lanes on the other side of the median, driving straight at other cars, and then driving over the median and back into your correctly flowing traffic lane.
"We were moondogging with Caroline this weekend and almost got killed!"
by Audrey Pf March 10, 2007
Originating with Australian comedian Tony Martin on the Theatre Sports show "THANK GOD YOU'RE HERE", moondogging involves "placing your (or a) dog in the middle of the road, getting into your car (or a car) and mooning it at extreme speeds".
"Hey Blake! Let's go moondogging!"
"How about a spot of moondogging?"
"Moondogging is awesome fun!"
by Gimp On Wheels September 06, 2006
The act of freezing one's faecal matter in order to use the solid end product as a penetrative sex toy.
I crapped in a freezer bag so that Julie and I could go moondogging
by Vonnievonnie March 15, 2007
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