a cross between a man and a poodle.. makes a great pet..you can walk him, train him and feed him but you'll never sleep with him..only good for companionship
John is the best friend a girl can ask for..Hes soo reliable and trainable.... im never going to sleep with him but hes make a GREAT MOODLE :)
by italiancupcake17 February 01, 2010
A man who likes to cuddle with girls and/or "boo-love".
"Yo, where is Alex tonight?"

"He's hanging out with his girlfriend..."

"Damn, what a moodle!"
by Szaboooo October 23, 2011
Doodles that look like math.
"He was doin moodles during math class"
by Fantabulous 1 October 05, 2005
A worm like creature that attatches its self to the bollock of another mammal.
Oh deary me Geoffrey , i do believe to have contracted Moodles.
by Geoff patterson November 25, 2012
A hairstyle, in which indie boys have short hair at the back but a long, sometimes curly, fringe at the front.

The opposite of a mullet.

The word is an abreviation of 'man-poodle' which describes the poofy-ness of the fringe.
girl: you know that type of fringe like thing indies have?
boy: you mean when they have all shorter hair but a long flowing, slightly gungy front thing?
girls: Yeah thats it.
boy: Its called a Moodle
girl: OHHHHH *mind wave of awesomness*
by winniefreaks March 15, 2011
A man poodle. Moodles are often weird and delusional and don't realize their status as a play toy. Moodles are typically passive and like to discuss their feelings.

Most girls keep a moodle around at all times for entertainment when they're not talking to or seeing anyone. You can flirt with your moodle, let him compliment you, and even take you out, but you never ever fuck the moodle.
Sara: Have you been talking to John lately?
Nora: Yeah. Turns out he's more of a moodle type
Sara: Aww, that sucks
Nora: Not really! Moodles are so fun to have around
Sara: Really? I should get one too then!
by smartestbitchyoukn0w February 21, 2012
v. the act of cuddling with someone while you're in 'the mood.'
Dude I totally moodled with Kate last night
by shmay123 August 20, 2011

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