To stimulate your partner during intimate activity, via your fingers, tongue or other parts of ones body.
After a nice dinner, we retired to the bedroom for a night of passionaite moodling.

Before intercourse, my partner moodled me until I climaxed.
by Uncle Sammy July 04, 2006
When you have long hair and it gets straightened and it looks like angle hair pasta
on saturday andrea thought jordans hair looked like moodles
by jordan and andrea March 06, 2005
a doodle with a (moot) on it
tim is a moodle head
by scholl and cholle:) October 13, 2008
To be both moody and hormonal in a single instance.
Shiva ducked the low flying plate after he sujested Claire make him a drink.
Claire was certainly moodle this morning.
by Serpentax May 09, 2005
Moodle is a word with various meanings:
1. A word used to call any1 being stupid or annoying or bad.
2. A way to say come to my room
2. come moodle now plz itz important
by cornell haynes January 30, 2005
moodle... a word used regularly when u cant think ov antha word 2 say.
u can call ppl moodles when they are annoying instead ov swaring @ them. oodle also means 2 come chill wit yanamean?
Come moodle wid me!
arrrrrrrr ur such a moodle!
hey moodle.
by loodlez January 30, 2005

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