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An asian or filipino teenage boy who wears colorful (or happy) oversized clothing, he tries to come off as "different" by expressing himself with his choice of apparel. A moochie almost always wears an extra-large fitted sports hat to help match the rest of his outfit. A moochie likes to collect and wear all sorts of colorful Nike shoes.

Some moochies like to wear thick black framed eyeglasses from wal-mart without even a prescribed lens, this is part of expressing themselves as "different". You will never find a moochie out in public by them-self, moochies like to roll together in groups of 5. Moochies like to spend their weekends movie hopping at the local theater. Moochies only drive honda civics, it's part of their code of conduct, thus they could be kicked out of their respective groups if they drove anything else.

Hint: You can also find moochies at your local arcade (the arcade must include a DDR machine).
Austin: "Dude, I see that guy everywhere."

Daniel: "No you don't, he's just one of the moochies, you can't tell them apart."
by DJ Trixx April 23, 2009
A person who mooches things.
I cannot believe what Carla did to you. She mooched your sweater. She's such a moochie, she will never give you that sweater back.
by moocher99 November 28, 2013
n. Any one of a John Frohnmeyers, the aforementioned which "partakes" (mooches) all of your shit; a mooch.
Damn Moochie mooched all my peanut butter with his finger
by Hot Pastrami May 31, 2004
A mutual friend on Facebook.
This girl and I have 300 moochies. I think I'll add her as a friend.
by CMoney201 April 27, 2011
Knowing the latest gossip and rumors that are disgracefully bad, typically as a result of someone's negligence or irresponsibility.
That dude is mad moochie.

Do me a favor and mooch that chick, heard she slept with my ex.

The key to being moochie is looking for the drama drinker girls who just spill the beans and talk crap.
by ALLknowingEYE69 December 18, 2010
1. A last resort insult that should only be used if the opposing arguer is a friend and you're not actually mad at eachother. Usually ends the insulting with laughter and/or confusion. Either way its pretty freaking funny.

2. A stupid person in a cute way.

3. A japanese dessert (moochi).
1. guy 1 - Moron! guy 2 - Idiot! guy 1 - Loser! guy 2 - Buttface! guy 1 - Moochie!! guy 2 - ...WTF was that man?? *rolls on ground laughing*

2. Girl 1 - Dude, Martin just ran into that table!
Girl 2 - What a moochie.

3. Dang this moochi's good!
by Manderina October 10, 2005
1) A delicate fruit theorized in the ancient times, to embody all the perfect little details in life. Considered the fruit of beauty, with an intense aroma contained within, all who luckily came upon this delicacy, never failed to handle with extreme care. Those who could not, are regretting their lives already. Wrapped in an unassuming skin, the true beauty lies in its seed. A worthy core, of unfathomable, nutrition, they are, and will always be persued by wild animals, such as tropt and enricht 's.

2) A most odd friend of Earl.
A) To be toyed with a scent of a moochie, is a sinful delight, and subtle anxiety, if starved from the fruit.

B) "moochie, what are you doing" -Earl. "Feeling much better now Earl"-moochie.
by Dr. Seuss June 09, 2003
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