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the practice of buying tickets to a movie at a multiplex movie theatre and staying for additional films at no extra charge.
its sunday. we got nothing to do... let's go movie hopping! we'll catch the new matrix and stick around for elf!
by Anonymous November 07, 2003
To movie hop is to buy 1 ticket to the first movie and after taht first movie is done you sneak into other movies without paying.
Me and my friends movie hop all the time. Movie hopping is fun and risky
by LilJOnwhattt: July 28, 2005
To be a bad person at the theater and watch movies you didn't pay for by sneaking in.

Usually you'd pay for the first movie and hop whatever else.

I remember saying this back in 1998. I started this because I was tired of explaining to people my movie hopping strategy.
My dad and I hopped 8 complete movies in one day, which I think is the world record.
by tpfusion June 24, 2005