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A shocking, cringe-worthy breast. Some really heinous hooters. Indicators include the presence of nipple hair, the boobs slope severely outward like the biblical parting of the Red Sea, one looks like a deflated party balloon, etc. The term is especially pertinent when the breasts are a horrid departure from the seemingly pretty girl harboring them.
I began undoing her top when all of a sudden out popped one monstrostitty and then another. One looked like the shrunken head of Dick Vitale and the other a plastic bag filled with ricotta cheese.
by deldelacroix September 12, 2007
A horribly botched boob job. Implants that look like Tupperware bowls that are too big,too round,too hard,spaced too far apart and uneven.
I'd hire a lawyer over those monstrostitties. I'm pretty sure your implants aren't supposed to be up under your armpits
by wolfbait51 June 06, 2011

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