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to pleasure yourself while drinking a Monster energy drink.
Igor seems hyper and distracted, he must be monsterbating.
by Tayvi February 04, 2010
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When you jerk off so hard that its scary but it feels so good that you wanna squirt EVERYWHERE!

To being jerked off really hard and vigorously.
Honey! Why are you jerking off so hardddd!

Oh don't worry honey, I'm only monsterbating it doesn't hurt.
by Kajur April 02, 2013
The act of masturbating under one's bed or in one's closet with the intent to frighten.
Greg was scared shitless when he found Aaron monsterbating in his closet at 3 am.
by TheProfessor42069 May 27, 2011
When someone jerks off to pics of monsters, mostly erotic monster pics.
Fred: Hey, wanna go to a party later?
Jonh: No, man, im gonna stay home and I'll be "Monsterbating" all night
by realestguyintheroom November 01, 2011

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