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n. An incredibly large bowl movement. Really just unbelievably big.

v. The act of expelling same.
Don't go in there! I just took a monster jam.
by Turd Fergusonne January 18, 2009
5 2
In the classic and grounbreaking video game NBA Jam, it was the name of a spectacular slam dunk performed when "on fire." In certain situations it would shatter the backboard.
MONSTER JAM!!!! He's on fire!!!!
by Schlichting October 01, 2005
12 5
the biggest bong hit you've ever seen
(Juan-Carlos rips a massívo rip, holds it for like, six seconds, lets out a big huge cloud of smoke)

Ramon- holy frijoles, Juan-Carlos ! that was quite the monster jam ! only now there's none for me, you greedy fuck !
by JrBcnChz June 10, 2010
1 3
to brutally rape and power-slam a hot babe through her pussy until she bleeds and screams and is rubbed raw, with an enormous cock
Man, Weaver, I really love to monster jam sue
by The Beast April 25, 2005
13 29