the reference of taking a big wad of crap
chad:oh shit!!
george:wats wrong!!
chad:im about to drop the load
chad walks into the bathroom............
chad:dude that monster just came right out my ass!
by TAT1azn November 01, 2008
Nuclear horse piss that is sold as a disgusting energy drink.

Describing anything that is large.

The creature that lives in your closet and under your bed.

A sadistic pedophile who molests and rapes children he abducts.
I tried a monster energy drink the other day, it was the grossest shit i have ever tasted. I poured the rest of it into my neighbor's dogs water dish, the dog caught fire.

Whoa, that fish is a monster.

"Mommy, I need you to look in my closet and check under my bed for monsters."
"For fuck sake Tommy, you're 35 years old. why do you still believe in monsters?"
"Remember when I was kidnapped and raped by that monster in his van. And I still didn't get any free candy."
by A WHITE GUY August 28, 2014
A person who demonstrates skills beyond normal mastery, particularly in the field of music.
"Did you hear that guitar solo? That guy's a monster!"
by Didjerridon't February 03, 2013
A "Monster" is a Lady Gaga fan, but there is a difference between a "Monster" and "Little Monster". A "Little Monster" is a monster that is 0 - 13 years old and a "Monster" is ages from 14 - 186
If someone says "I'm A Little Monster" or "I'm one of Lady Gaga's Monster's"
by hausofemily July 01, 2011
A man that will have sex with anything that has a hole. Not to be confused with a man-whore, a monster has no preference and will give himself up to anyone or anything. Where as a man-whore, sleeps with many people, but often has preferences and is actually attracted to the person they are persuring.
Boy 1: I wanna get some of dese girls home tonight.
Boy 2: Fo real. Dere's one rite dere.
Boy 1: Yo! Dat girl is HIT! I would NEVER tap dat!
Boy 2: I dun care man, pussy is pussy!

Boy 1 is clearly a man-whore but Boy 2 is a Monster.
by C.eastern connection September 12, 2009
A creature from yorkshire that only drinks carlsberg and is always on a sexual rampage
Monster was out dipping his dong in the bitches with his can of carlsberg special brew close to his lips
by Mike Simpkins January 03, 2007
1. (a) Something that is incredibly large.

2. (a) Something which is amazingly cool.
1. That tree is monster!

2. The game last night was monster!
by Jimmy Kickarse July 15, 2006
huge dick
derek is a monster
by ela December 21, 2003

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