a caucasian female who gets dudes in trouble.
that monsta made me get into a fight with my boy.
by Juslisen February 16, 2007
The incarnation of Baelzebub, typically manifesting itself in the human form of a CS player with lovehandles.
Look at Monsta's ass! I bet the devil did it to him!
by mv March 12, 2003
Not to be confused with "Monster" a "Monsta" is, put quite simply, a scary fat chick.

Prnounciation: "MON STAAA"

"WoW! Look at that MONSTA!"

"My buddy got drunk last night and almost hooked up with a MONSTA!"

"I almost got trampled by a MONSTA at McDonalds yesterday!"
by L. Jenkins April 13, 2006
monster burger from hardees
yo slut lemme get a monsta burga over heyaa
by joe joe May 17, 2003
While potentially his sexual fetish's are unknown, we do know he's attracked to fat chix
Baby, you look like you ate alot of twinkies so why don't you come fo` shizzle my nizzle
by Anonymous March 12, 2003
Someone who makes great igloos :o
can i hibernate in your monsta?
by boblo espanol March 12, 2003
the delicious monster burger formerly from Hardees but they decided to get gay and change there menus...
by joe joe May 17, 2003

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