A creepy person who stalks people in stairwells.
Man, that guy is monson, he stalked that girl all through the apartment complex!
by Anonymous225 December 09, 2007
Top Definition
The definition of a superior being in ways of Strength, Intelligence, and able to adapt and overcome all odds.
That kid survived being stranded for 5 years on a island he must of monsoned it.

Did you see that man pull off that feat?! He's a fucking Monson!
by Lcpl Type October 29, 2008
Any large object which is shape like a fallace, especially the penis
Did you see that hot dog? Man, it was such a monson!
by lsuwanksta September 15, 2006
To mess up, make a mess, etc...Named for a small town in Maine...
After my buddy spilled his drink on my dash..."Dude, you Monsoned up my truck!"
by XPLiCiT2u September 05, 2010
1. A bad mistake

2. An arrogant person who strives to make themselves feel better by making fun of others.
1. Carl, hitting on that fat chick was such a monson!

2. Dude, making fun of that retarded kid only makes you a monson.
by mlb1497 July 25, 2005
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