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2 definitions by Anonymous225

1. Someone who believes that minorities cannot possibly be a success in life without the government helping them every step of the way.

2. Someone who thinks that it is a constitutional right to stick a knife in an unborn child's head, suck its brains out and throw it in a bin, but will assault anyone who shows a picture of the constitutional right being practiced.

3. Someone who thinks that Barack Obama is magical and can do no wrong.

4. Someone who constantly says that George W. Bush was wrong on everything even when Democrats made the same call.

5. Someone who makes political decisions based on the popular thing to do and not by actually thinking about the issue.
Person A: "Hey, want to sign an petition to ban women's suffrage?"

Democrat: "I sure do!"
by Anonymous225 May 03, 2010
A creepy person who stalks people in stairwells.
Man, that guy is monson, he stalked that girl all through the apartment complex!
by Anonymous225 December 09, 2007