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(n.)An abbreviation for the widely known board game, Monopoly. It is used primarily when referring to an online version of the game. Most often, it is used because the original name for the game is so archaic and has such a negative connotation as it is an endless mind-numbing endeavor that is rarely completed or played correctly. This abbreviation gives it a new meaning; thus it is a NEW game. A cool one at that.
(v.) 1. To play said game. 2. In some instances, it can be used as an insult to a competitor. i.e. You just got monopsed.
Dude, I'm jonesin' for some Monops later. You in?

Apples to apples is lame, Let's get sauced and Monops a little.
by Blyzzie February 15, 2009
The short form for the board game Monopoly.
Person1-Yo wanna play monop?
Person2-Sure monop kicks ass.
by 100100 September 05, 2005
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