An evil disease that was delivered to mankind via the gopher, who are slaves to their evil monkey masters.
George showed up at my front door with a package. He was itching himself(a symptom of monkey pox) so I killed him and blew up the package.
by Fowzilla November 25, 2003
Top Definition
(N.) The 2003 Anthrax. Said to be gotten by touching diseased prarie dogs, HENCE THE NAME!
So far, now theres Chicken Pox, Cow Pox, ( and the fictious Cow & Chicken Pox ) Small Pox, Big Pox, Pig Pox and now Monkey Pox. How about for next year, we get back on the farm animals theme and go to Rooster Pox?
by G-Union June 24, 2003
Similar to Sars, but only cowboys, KKK, and so-called gungho GI gets it by rubbing their pairrie dog's private part everynite.
Cowboy Bush and KKK Whitey is acting like monkeys after getting monkeypox from rubbing their dog's genital every morning and twice at night.
by monkey lover June 19, 2003
the latest trendy hip disease to scare all of us into our duct-and-cover homes and watch commercials.
Yesterday it was arsenic laced tylenol. today it's anthrax, sars and monkeypox.
by thirdwave June 10, 2003
Something you get in the Midwest from touching your own prairie dog a lot. A disease with rashes and stuff...
She got all like Monkeypox on him.
by Cori June 09, 2003
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