After having shit your pants and walked around in them, allowing the shit to harden on your pants creates monkey pants.
Billy's monkey pants were making him walk funny.

Joe had chaff marks on his leg from his monkey pants.

Susie crapped in her new blue jeans, therefore turning them into monkey pants.
by Billy Hogan May 15, 2006
Top Definition
An unusually potent term of endearment which can be employed to trump lesser terms.
"Sweetiebucket, would you go out and buy me a doughnut?"

"Of course, Monkeypants, I'd do anything for you."
by Senorita Jiggypants December 03, 2007
The super cool future ruler of the world who is usually obsessed with Alexander the Great and reading books about domination, innovation and how to rule a nation.
You're such a MonkeyPants!

Who do you think you are - MonkeyPants???
by Your new boss July 22, 2004
When you make a pair of trousers out of monkey fur. Usually worn by caucasian people trying to immitate persians...
Yo, that guy's not a persian, he's just wearing motha fuckin' monkey pants...
(proceed to jump out of Escalade and give white guy the old 20 to 1)

Hey Bobby have you ever noticed that Persian people look like they're wearing pants made of Monkey Fur?
by roxycatmd October 14, 2007
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