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When a guy's ballsack is similar to a monkey's.
Peter Griffin: "RANDY FULLMAN?! I'm here to beat the crap out of you!"
Randy: "You can't peter, I have MS!'
Peter: "You hear that Chris? This guy has a monkey scrotum and he's bragging about it!'
by usefbishara March 24, 2008
When your ballsack feels like a monkeys, usually said when you are mad at someone or something; The sac of a monkey
when your girlfriend just dumps you, you might say monkey scrotum, because you feel like you have a monkeys scrotum.
by cristoballs July 10, 2008
The sac of a monkey, usually said when you are mad at someone or something
MONKEY SCROTUM! I should have studied for that test.
by Tommaas July 10, 2008

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