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4 definitions by cristoballs

1) A rodent-like creature that looks like a mouse, but can be as powerful and fierce as a badger. A full grown one is about 1/2 foot-long and 1-6 lbs. They come in shades of brown, black, white, and red. Their prey can vary from insects to snakes. They are even capable of killing humans if they are trying to defend themselves.
2) An annual party where the whole town is usually invited to celebrate a holiday, birthday, etc.
Did you see that Cheermeister?

are you invited to the cheermeister this year?

by cristoballs August 04, 2008
3 2
Definition 1: A small creature related to rodents. It looks like a mouse and is as fierce as a badger. Can come in shades of black, white, brown, and red.

Definition 2: A casual party, usually celebrated during holidays, where everyone in the town is invited.
Example 1: Did you see that cheermeister?

Example 2: Where you invited to the annual cheermeister?
by cristoballs July 28, 2008
0 1
When your ballsack feels like a monkeys, usually said when you are mad at someone or something; The sac of a monkey
when your girlfriend just dumps you, you might say monkey scrotum, because you feel like you have a monkeys scrotum.
by cristoballs July 10, 2008
17 21
the nickname given to messed up kids
Whatsup buttfuck (bf)
by cristoballs July 10, 2008
8 24