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A woman's genitilia that will force any man into being pussy whipped.
Man I got to go home to that Monkey pie.

I bet she got that monkey pie.

Don't eat that Monkey pie.
by Mil town Chris 15th street July 20, 2006
the act of taking a shit in a woman's mouth and having her give you oral sex with it in her mouth
I did a total monkey pie last night!
by mbbruh6988 March 09, 2015
When you shoot your cum load inside a black guy/girls ass
Chris: What happened last night with that guy?

Fox: Oh we had a great time making Monkey Pie!!!
by iemikesocal January 08, 2011
A very ugly face, typically fat.
"Damn, check out the monkey pie on that kid."
by Joe Bone March 07, 2005
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