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Term often used to describe a random, pointless act or outburst. Commonly used in an attempt to draw hilarity where none is found. Family Guy is notorious for many acts of 'monkey cheese' in its various flashbacks to scenes which have little or nothing to do with the plot, but are totally random in an attempt to draw a laugh.
zomg random ninja explosions! pirates robots woot thats some monkey cheese shit right there!!! z0r :awesome:
by Hurf February 28, 2008
The second episode of Shit Pickle (by James Rolfe aka AVGN) introduces a family of monkeys who just like to repeat the phrase "Monkey cheese". This is just some random phrase meaning nothing.
Idiot: Monkey cheese!
by itouchy March 07, 2008
A delicacy of the Ivory Coast, made from the fat of boiled monkeys. Known to the locals of Abidjan as Singe Fromage.
Get those monkeys on the boil, we're running out of monkey cheese.
by Craig October 13, 2004
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