A stubborn child, esp. one that exhibits monkey-like traits (e.g. small, agile, and wild)
Get cho monkey ass off the computer and do your homework.
by stop it loser March 03, 2009
Top Definition
n. stupid fuck
Ima kick yo monkey ass.
by WICKED April 29, 2003
The resultant condition from prolonged periods of poor personal hygiene (i.e. lack of showering) and physical activity leading to an uncomfortable, sweaty, red burning ass reminiscent of a large, red and bulbous monkey's ass which has been dragged through the sand and dirt all day and appears quite painful.
(See the latin, rectus sebaceous primatus)
Dude I gotta take a shower - I got some wicked monkey ass!
by zagnut February 21, 2005
One who acts badly or stupid.
I'll whoop yo monkey ass.
by whatever 33 January 23, 2008
A very bad smelling object, with a pungent,vivacious, and overwheling odor.
"Damn! Your gym shoes got some monkeyass smell to 'em"
by buzzsaw February 20, 2004
The chapped ass you get after sweating all day be it at work or in gym.
"Man I've got hella monkey ass"
by gabstrodamus May 13, 2014
1) Someone who behaves and embodies the functional capacity of a monkey in human form.

2) A human being with a large baboon-like ass. Synonym: Baboon-Ass
1) Look! That guy is eating his own poo! What a monkey ass!

2) Holy shit! The bum on that woman is unequaled, even compared to the sum of any two human beings! What a monkey ass!
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