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The resultant condition from prolonged periods of poor personal hygiene (i.e. lack of showering) and physical activity leading to an uncomfortable, sweaty, red burning ass reminiscent of a large, red and bulbous monkey's ass which has been dragged through the sand and dirt all day and appears quite painful.
(See the latin, rectus sebaceous primatus)
Dude I gotta take a shower - I got some wicked monkey ass!
by zagnut February 21, 2005
What is generally lacking in the chambers of Congress and the boardrooms of Fortune 500 corporations!
Kenneth Lay- Let's just see if we can blow up this corporation while getting silly-rich in the process.
Junior Accountant- But sir, what about the thousands of employee retirement funds? Are you aware of corporate accountability?
Kenneth Lay- (Silence... Crickets humming...) Umm, I just bought a new Maybach...
by zagnut February 21, 2005
Sibling to recondite
Dunno what that fucker means!
-Oh, so he is difficult to understand?
by zagnut February 21, 2005
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