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Greek name. Quirky, random, cheeky and artistic. Kind of an all rounder at sports. Definitely a dare-devil. Enjoys a good book and likes to write. Not a fan of green foods unless it's a green apple. Blue eyes, tall. VERY different personality. Average looks, can be somewhat lazy but loves to help people. Not a fan of cooking. Mature for her age, thin body type. Is interested in outside types of activities. Loves a rainy day and autumn. A good friend. Pretty strong. Has a nasty temper though. Don't get on her bad side!
"Is there a Monique here?"

"No, it's M-O-N-I-C-E. Monice. Get it right!"

"So it's not Monsie?"

"Hell no!"
by Elmorulz March 13, 2013
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