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The first day of the week dedicated to Jay Park by his fans. It is the day in which Jay uploads new videos of covers on his Youtube channel. Every MonJay is like a HOLIDAY to fans whether it be Valentine s Day (with his self-written rap love confessions); Mother/Father's Day (with mom and dad fans watching their son Jay sing and follow his dream); Thanksgiving (with fans and Jay expressing their thanks for having each other); Christmas (with a video that reaches Top 10 on Youtube s Most Viewed); Martin Luther King Jr Day (with Jay s motto of Love & Respect ); and even Halloween (with his dark and questionably fashionable sunglasses). Fans gather on the World Wide Web to honor and spazz about Jay's awesomeness.
1.Fan at school: "Happy MonJay! :D"
Peer at school: "What..."
"It's MONJAY!"
2. "They got (nothing on youuuu) baby~ because you're the (best i've ever had) and (I can't take my eyes off of you) so let me make your (bedrock) and I promise to stop (fooling around). (Whatcha say)????"
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by jayparknet May 28, 2010
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