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Like mansplaining but when your mom does it.
Momsplaining is the act of explaining things to your child that they, obviously, already know.
Mom: Don't forget to lock the door when you leave. And to lock it you have to turn it to the left not the right.

You: You don't have to momsplain. I've lived in this house my whole life.
by ThisThatGuy December 29, 2012
The use of words and tone that occurs by mothers. The audience is not limited to children, but can also be used with childless friends. Usually condescending in tone.
You don't understand how much your life changes once you have children.

Oh great, Jenny is up to her momsplaining again.
by Butch March 14, 2015
When your mom over-explains things to you because she forgets that you're a goddamned adult and it's akward.
e.g. mom: "Haha! I brought home this hilarious GOP Bingo card for tonight's debate. See, it's a bingo card, but it has expressions or words the candidates might use. When they say them, you drink a shot! It's so funny! Of course you don't HAVE to drink." you: Yeah, Mom, I knew what you meant when you said bingo. Because I know what bingo is. You don't have to momsplain it."
by Mean Red September 11, 2015
When one mom condescendingly explains proper parenting to another mom.
She was always momsplaining to everyone in her moms' group about how using essential oils and doing baby yoga will help a 2 month old sleep through the night.
by Lisymarie September 01, 2015
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