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When you slap someone as hard as you can, but your hand has to be cupped and your thumb pressed flush along your index finger. The point of impact should be along the muscle of your palm just below your thumb.
That bitch didn't have my money so i molywhoped his ass in the face.
by Estevan May 08, 2006
A slap with your dick ussauly used on hoe when your getting a Blow job.
Bobby:Make me hard and suck or i will molywhop your ass bitch!

Hoe:mmhmm mhhhmmmh *exhales* okay!
by Mister-Basto September 06, 2008
to hit or hurt a person that you dislike man fuck that you hate that niggha lol. to be an a fist fight and jus punch sum 1 and knock them out basically is the definition.
yo cuz i'm bout to molywhop yu. Straight up that niggha jus got molywoped. he straight bucked at that niggha.
by blez yah dugg??? October 19, 2009
To strike heavily with a plant
shut the fuck up or i'll molywhop you!!
by clovesmoke September 01, 2003
to really whoop sombodys a**, i mean to lay it on 'em chicago style.
oh no she didnt say my hair was fake...
ill molywhop that hoe!!
by leena holla at da girl December 02, 2003
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