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A small town in Michigan where the smell of cow manure and grain being unloaded is usual. The sound of diesel trucks with straight pipes and 4 wheelers with aftermarket exhuast rip through the air. Tractors usually are the main source of traffic and always seem to be within sight of any point of the town. Surrounded by Dorr and Wayland we are the hicktown headquarters of Western Michigan. Home of Walnutdale Farms and Moline Christian School. We proudly support the 2nd Amendment and will do so till the day we die. Don't tread on us. Merica since 1776.
I smell cow shit...must be in Moline.
by Moliner December 27, 2014
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An often made up name for a lady of Indian decent.
Normally referring to a sexy Indian lady.
A) Hay Mikey, Moline at 4 O'clock

B) Oi bro did you see the Moline walk past!

C) I saw the sexiest girl yesterday...

Was she a Moline?

A total Moline!
by Jynxd1 October 25, 2010
a cool person who moved...:(
moline was awesome and she needs to come back and visit
by THE 1337 V03|2 June 30, 2004

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