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the last name of some romanian kids that live in southeast MI
hey, you know Dan Moldovan?
by not available December 13, 2004
an obscure group of people from an obscure country that has produced a mega group, which everyone can sing their single, but no one knows the name of the group or the name of the song.
Those numa numa are something else, what nationality are they?

Moldovan, is what is says on wikipedia, it must be in Africa.
by JohnGHenry May 15, 2008
A group of people from the Republic of Moldova. The word Moldovan is used because nobody wants to be asssociated with romanians. Most rural/urban Moldovans dont want to reunite with romania because they know how fast gypsies settle in newly aquired areas
Miceal: dude, are you going to that moldovan-romanian unity march?

Stefan: (pulls out pistol, aims at Miceals head) What did you just say?

Miceal: that we should maybe go support it?

Miceal 1990-2008
by Stefan Bunachi July 15, 2008

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