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heavy rock music that talks about combat. Usually very intense
Dude...I need to get hyphy... put on some sword metal
by JohnGhenry October 12, 2007
a verb meaning "to throw out a window"
"hey Vinny, Tony here is late on the payment again. Open up the window so I can defenastrate his cheap ass"
by JohnGHenry May 12, 2008
cockney rhyming slang for trouble.
barney...barney rubble...trouble!
by JohnGhenry September 16, 2007
varsity nerd squad

A rare, but existing High school club comprised completely with kids who only hang out with each other and are way to into Japan-a-mation and comic books to have any social life.
Dude nar-ru-toe just came out, lets call up the rest of the VNS and read it aloud and act it out in costume. Man this is the coolest way to spend Friday nights.
by JohnGHenry May 10, 2008
any cartoon that is Japanese and then translated into English. Some examples are Dragon Ball Z, Voltron, or Astro boy. Usually the story revolves around fighting, and the animation is limited. There is both good and bad Japan-a-mation, for instance: FLCL-good(good animation, with original story with a lot of underlying subtext for both a older teen and adult audience). Yu-gi-oh - BAD(why do you want to watch other people play a card game, and the plot seems as if the writer just makes the crap up as he goes).
Oh snap, Goku just ripped that guys eyes out from the back of his head. That's some good japan-a-mation.
by JohnGHenry May 10, 2008
an obscure group of people from an obscure country that has produced a mega group, which everyone can sing their single, but no one knows the name of the group or the name of the song.
Those numa numa are something else, what nationality are they?

Moldovan, is what is says on wikipedia, it must be in Africa.
by JohnGHenry May 15, 2008

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