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1) Moka is a really sweet girl. She'll never stop talking at times, but she's cool anyway. She has a nice sense of style, and really nice hair. It's easy to get jealous of her hair. She is an exciting person and when she smiles she can light up the room. Guy's fall all over this girl, because she's just so beautiful and great!

2) Cofee / Java
Person 1: She's SO Moka!
Person 2: I know right, talk about awesome.


I'm going to go get some moka. want some?
by Maria Skyee;) May 23, 2010
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The uncanny place where a nightclub turns into a boxing ring, all facebook coolie (Indian/West indian) people come to life and the underage drinking stops when the club closes .
Yo we at Moka tonight. I know someone poppin bottles. You got your Fake I.D. right?
by SoxX March 16, 2013
Any golden retreiver with three legs. It will often bark happily if you suck his red rocket
Miko gave moka a rusty trombone while colin gave him a bilbo baggins.
by MIKO January 11, 2005

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